The Very Royal Holiday / Clémentine Beauvais and Becka Moor (illustrations)

Sunday 9 April 2017
by  The last-but-one Bertie
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Holly, Anna and Pepino are thrilled to finally be going on the amazing intergalactic Holy Moly Holiday! They have been promised scuba diving in volcanoes, followed by a flight to Mars and, most excitingly of all, hot chocolate on tap. They’ll find yet more things to do, more things to eat, more things to see and more things to marvel at" (Page 34.), such as:

  • the Southern Edge of the Earth
  • some Oxforth boffin
  • marzipan slices rolled into little sausages to give them extra taste
  • an alien-looking pirate, or a pirate looking-alien
  • space barnacles
  • a Plutonian baseball champion