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Sunday 9 April 2017
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We were lucky and happy... to meet Clémentine Beauvais on a nice Thursday (the 6th of April) in Grenoble.

So many questions, answers, both in French and English :-)

  • Clémentine Beauvais has translated "Les petites reines" in English. We tried to translate several pages and thought of several English titles, such as:
  • "The Three Little Piglets"
  • "Princess Piggies"
  • "Fat Tires" or "Fat Tyres" or "Fat Wheels"
  • "The Cycling Pigs"
  • "Pig Fat Bully"
  • "Cows on Bikes"
  • "Bicycle Ra&ce (By Queens)"
  • "Wheels to Victory"
  • "Golden Pudding"
  • "Pigs on Wheels"

Clémentine Beauvais and her English publisher chose:

  • "The Piglettes" We cannot wait to read the English version :-), especially since we all have "the right to read thrilling children’s books and comics instead of doing maths homework" (p.5 The Royal Holiday.)

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