The Royal Babysitters #1 / Clementine Beauvais, illustrations from Becka Moor

Sunday 2 April 2017
by  Ben
popularity : 1%

A funny little book full of stinky babies, characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, references to Harry Potter and high-five slaps :-)

Interesting passages where the illustrations add significant elements to the story :
- > Not "the most comfortable landing... indeed".
- > p.100 : "the three Berties went flying across the nursery and were caught by the Royal Cow."
- > p. 104 "Anna ran to the window and peered out to see if they could jump down – but it looked a little dangerous."
- > p. 110 "The little porcupine grenade rolled to the middle of the room … and stayed still for a couple of seconds … until … "
- > p. 114 look at the lift’s buttons :)
- > p. 136 "Holly had to wait for Pepino to open all the different items on his penknife, which included:"