Thursday 11 February 2016
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I have fallen in love with this succulent, mouth-watering German cake - from its soft inside to its delicious and rich flavour. Easy to make, this gorgeous cake is a lovely combination of chocolate and vanilla.

-  Preheat oven at 180°C
-  Cream the butter, the sugar and the vanilla sugar. When done, beat in the eggs.
-  Gradually pour in the flour, the milk and the baking powder. Mix all together.
-  Split the mix in half and place one half in a cake tin (already greased).
-  Add the chocolate powder to the other half of the mix and mix together so that it becomes brown. Then place that half of the mix on top of the other half already in cake tin.
-  Fold the mix with a fork, to make a beautiful brown and yellow-ish pattern.
-  Finally, put the cake in the oven, already preheated, for 50 min.