Paul Boullemant and the War

dimanche 30 novembre 2014
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By Arnaud and Krisius

In 1940, Paul Boullemant was in the French Navy. He was a survivor in the battle of Mers-El-Kebir (Algeria) which killed about 1300 French sailors and marines (Britannica , 2., 3.).

Paul Boullemant is my French great grandfather. Before the war, he worked in his dad’s bar. He then joined the navy during the war. He fought his first battle at Dunkerque (France). The Allies lost but the survivors like Paul escaped in the English’s boats even though they were pushed off their boats and into the icy water by the English. Luckily he got to Britain safely. We lost track of him and heard from him again in Mers – El – Kebir. (Algeria). He was supposed to board a warship to return to and take back France, but he went to get some bottles of beer for his friends and when he came back from the bar he saw that his ship was already gone ! Luckily (sadly for his feelings and for the Allies) his life was safe (the Axis destroyed all of the Allies’ ships with all the men). He then had to go back to France on a hospital ship the ``SPHINX’’. The last thing we know he did is that he got fired from the Navy but received a medal in 1945 for his bravery with the French Resistance.


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