Scorpia / Anthony Horowitz

Monday 26 June 2006
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First published in 2004

ISBN : 0-7445-7051-4

This is a mystery and adventure book.

If you like spy adventure books with a secrete and a criminal organization, this book is meant for you! ! !

Alex Rider is back, and in this book we learn more about Alex’s father. Alex remembers what his father’s friends, Yassen Gregorovich said: « Go to Venise, find Scorpia, and you will find your destiny ».

A field trip is organized, it seems it’s just the right occasion to go! ! !

Here are a few interesting characters:

- Alex Rider: He’s is a teen spy working for MI6. In this book he’s influenced to move with Scorpia, the top one criminal organizations.

- Julia Rothman, is the head of Scorpia. She commands this organization, and can be either very nice, or very mean. She has dark hair and acts without hesitating.

The speed progresses quickly but time to time the pace slows down to explain things. It also slows down when people have conversations. The author shows us that people manage to manipulate other people very easily. There is a sort of moral that tells use not to trust anyone.

I really had a good time with that book and enjoyed very much and recommend it to anyone. I would like to share the idea of invisible sword which is very thoughtful.

Robin S.

Comments :

An excellent book but a sad ending. X

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