My Two First Days of School

Tuesday 12 November 2013
by  Nouchine B
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My Two First Days of School The First Day

I can’t remember perfectly well what happened because it is now going to be three or four weeks ago that it happened, but I’m going to write all I can remember of that day. The morning was brief. Amber, like every day of the week, came to my house at 8:00 because her mother had to go to work. But unlike the days before she didn’t wake me up, as, this morning, I was wide awake. I had spent the whole night tossing and turning in bed and with the first streaks of light I woke up in a flash. I jumped out of bed, ate my breakfast and minutes after Amber knocked on the door. We spent morning playing inside as the the grey and dull sky was crowded with menacing clouds. Time passed so quickly and it wasn’t long before Mum called us for lunch. We ate lunch eagerly and took our schoolbags into the car. Mum drove the car to the CSI and Amber and I were really excited . The sun was now shining welcomingly and big white clouds were being pushed away by the soft breeze.

When we arrived, Mum decided to drop me and Amber with our school bags in front of the school. We ran to the entrance and there, to our relief ,we spotted lots of familiar faces. All my friends were there! We waited as the crowd got bigger and then as the other ones started moving towards the big white gate. And it was the day I had been waiting for. The day I had been urging to come all vacation long: The first day of school.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this school. The white gate opened. My friends started moving towards the gate. I followed. On the five stone poles, were stuck the sheets of paper on which was written all the classes. I walked to the first pole and peered towards the sheet. To my disapointment, I couldn’t see my name. I walked to the next one. Nothing. I walked to the third sheet. There I saw my name. I was really happy when I saw that Amber was with me. Then our main teacher, Mrs Testart, came. She called us one by one, and then led us up the staircase.

She led us across the corridor and into a large room with a stage and full of chairs. We sat down. The Headmistress talked about the school for several minutes then Mrs Testart led us into a classroom and we chose our seats. Then she passed to us lots of papers and explained lots of things. The afternoon continued like that until the last hour came and our tutor took us to show us aroud the school. She was very kind and explained very well. At the end of school Amber’s mum took me back home. I had a good day and I was looking forward to Friday...

The Second Day

The next morning I was really anxious. My bag was packed and Mum woke me up at 6:00. I took breakfast and waited for Kouroche and Dad to finish eating. It took several minutes to arrive to school and Dad dropped us in front of the door. I climbed up the stairs all the way to the second floor and waited in front of the classroom. Amber and Alicia were there so I joined in the line. Our math teacher was Mr Mompas. The math class was for twp hours. Then there was French with Mrs Mazzucotelli . We worked forone hour. I was starving because we only eat at 13:00. But when we ate I found that the food wasn’t bad. We ate potato chips. We went back to class in French and then we had two hours of English. I was happy that I was with Mrs De Gaudenzi. She looked very nice. We spent two hours talking and working and then it was the end of school. I ran out of school and to the bus stop. It was my first time taking and i was kind of anxious. But it went fine and I was home in thirty minutes. When I was back home I was really happy with school. I felt I was going to have a great year. But I couldn’t help having a little voice in my head saying: “Oooff, no school for two days!!”

Nouchine Bouchiat