Autobiography: The Terrifying CSI

Tuesday 19 November 2013
by  Ailsa M
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BIIIIIIINNNNG! went my alarm waking me up from my deep slumber. I didn’t want to get up because the last few days of my life were too terifing to explain!

I lay in my bed excited but also paralyzed ,as if there was a crocodile under my bed .My mum shouted from downstairs, "GET UP YOU LAZY GIRL!"

I slowly got to my feet and put my best clothes on: an aqua blue top with a knot on the side, short shorts with beautiful signs on them, my black and white flower and my Union Jack Converses.

It was the the first day of school at the CSI and I was very excited and happy to see all my friends again.

I got out of the car, shaking but bursting with excitement. I met my friends in front of the school. Lily flung her arms around me and I gave her my present I had bought in Canada: wish necklaces which I had bought for each of my friends.

When the school opened everybody rushed into the courtyard where the pillar had our names and our class group. I looked at all the signs carefully then I spotted my name the middle of a list, I was in 6e4. My brother said the class wasn’t bad, so I was happy and all my friends apart from Alicia were in my class.

The courtyard looked quite fun with basket ball hoops and table tennis tables that were made of stone. It was much better than my last school with hop scotches which you could barely read and skipping ropes. The CSI is a lot prettier too, with triangle windows and big stone steps but I was worried about the bars the big iron bars as if to keep someone in and it had dents as if someone wanted to get out, like students or teacher. I tried to ignore and it soon went away.

A brown haired lady came up to and shouted, "Sixieme 4!" We slowly walked to her ,"My name Mme Mazzucoteilli your French teacher and primary teacher. You shall follow me. I won’t bite". We followed Mme Mazzucoteilli up two big flights of stairs.

Mme Mazzucoteilli always wears black with her hair in bun but she is very pretty and kind.

We followed her down the the E2 hall to classroom 40. the rest is boring because we just had mountains of paper work to do. The teacher told us we were to go to math class which was also boring. I kept looking at my watch so I knew when the paper work would finish, but I just fell asleep and was woken up by the bell. When I was released I was glad to see my mama and I was so happy to be reunited.

The next morning I got to school for another day of paper work but even worse we did work the whole day was boring terrible apart from the Canteen where we ate chips and nuggets with a fruity dessert. When I got home I dreaded life at the CSI until the first English class, but that’s another story to tell.