Autobiography : Spooky School

jeudi 19 décembre 2013
par  Alexander W
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The first day going to school I wasn’t worried, but when I arrived I was. That morning I woke up early. I came on the bus and tram with my sisters and their friends. As I arrived I saw people I knew. I had already come to the school but not seen it completely.

As we got our books, my bag was heavier. After I made a friend and then another... by the end of the week I had five friends. As the teacher explained information I was very bored. The teacher was very nice. The first entire day I was okay. I got a bit lost but I wasn’t late and I’m still a bit lost now. At the end of the first week I was a bit used to my teachers. At the end of the day I was very tired. The first thing I did when home was dive in my bed.

I met a lot of teachers, some seemed nice others not so nice, but after I thought they were all nice. As for my time table :"Your time table is very good" had said my sisters to me. I agree because I finish at 4.00pm most of the time. In English I’ve got Miss De Gaudenzi ; she is very nice.

On Wednesday my dad had got me an alarm clock. It has been very useful. I also got my octodon. Everybody always asks me what that is : it’s a rodent. When we got some homework I found it very easy. Now the homework is a bit less easy. The first test we got was in maths : it was easy. As for the canteen it is okay : it isn’t the worst I’ve ever had, but we only have one hour to eat so we have to eat fast and the queue wasn’t helping.