Autobiography: school is fun (ish)

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Louisa D
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My first day at secondary school was amazing, but at the same time boring.

The night before my first day was like every other night: eat, brush your teeth and go to bed, but the only different thing was that I knew that the next day I was starting a new year at a new school. It’s secondary school and best of all I could see all my friends again. A new year of fun, laughter and new friendships.

"Wake up! it’s time to go to school!" my mum shouted. Although I could hear my mum shout, she was shouting to my brothers since I started in the afternoon, but I was awake so might as well get out of bed.

When I finished preparing everything I decided to have a break, but that’s when my mum shouted "Put your shoes on we’re leaving for school!" as we live not that far away from school. The journey was short, but when we arrived in the car we couldn’t find a parking place.

As I walked closer to the school it got bigger and bigger and bigger. It was huge. Some of the other children were so tall it was like Giant Ville. It was amazing. Here is the boring part, the meeting we had with all the teachers was kind of long and boring. Some of us even yawned. But when we finally found our teachers it was great!

My main teacher is so nice! Although we received lots and lots of papers we got to know each other very well. Just before the end we paired up with a friend and got our lockers. My friend and I put the padlock on it and that was it our very first locker in that school.Then we had just enough time left to have a tour of the school. There were older children that took us round school: it was a short tour around the school and I forgot most of the stuff they told me when I got home.

The second day was really long and there were papers all over the place. It was really complicated what came from who! But meeting the teachers was great. The canteen was great, but my brother said I would only like the food for the first week at school, the rest of the year it wouldn’t be as nice and that’s true.

And by the end of the day I still couldn’t say my teachers name properly!