Autobiography: Information Overload at CSI

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Zoe E
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My name is Zoë and two months ago I started secondary school at the CSI. My first days at my new school were very stressful. Two days before the big day, I already started having butterflies in my stomach. The night before I could not sleep because I was so nervous.

The next morning I woke up at 5 o’clock. In the morning I went to my dad’s work and read a book called “Journey to Stonehenge”. I had lunch at a restaurant with my dad. I was very hungry, but the butterflies in my stomach were so strong that I had trouble eating my ravioli. The moment I didn’t want to come had finally arrived.

When we got to school there was a huge crowd of children and their parents in front of a gate, like a prison gate. When a bell like a fire alarm rang, I didn’t want to go. My dad had to push me in. When I entered I was lost. I didn’t know where to go. Luckily, a man was telling us to look at the lists. My name wasn’t on the first list, but I was on the second list. I was in a crowd of strangers. Who were all those strangers? Were they in my class? I did not know. We were then guided through this maze to a big room.

The head mistress then made a long speech about the benefits of the CSI. Then the CPE made an even longer speech about the school. We then were guided through the maze to a class. Our home room teacher, Mrs Chovet, gave us a huge pile of books that barely fit in my bag. We then got papers about a field trip to Autrans and more information about the school. There was so much information that I felt as if my head could burst.

When I got home I was really tired and had too much information. I felt as if I could sleep for a month. The next day was going to be even more tiring and long. That evening, I checked my bag three times to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

The next morning I started school at nine o’clock and arrived extra early. I was worried I would get lost. At recess I met Emma who shares a locker with me and is now my friend. I stayed with Emma all day to avoid getting lost. The math teacher, Mr Mompas, gave us our first homework, but the exercise was easy.

At lunch there was a long line waiting to eat and the tables were crowded. The food was acceptable but it was much better than the food at primary school. I liked having many dishes to pick from.

At the beginning of the afternoon I had music lesson. When the bell rang I looked for the music room but I could not find it. I could not find anyone from my class. I was annoyed about not finding anybody I knew. When I finally ventured to the second floor I found my class.

At the end of those two tiring days I now knew how to find my classes and had a new friend. I was proud I had finished my first days at secondary school.

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