Autobiography :CSI is big and looks like a pie

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Elliot N M
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My first day at secondary school

The night before my first day I was completely frightened about what would happen. I REALLY didn’t know if I would regret being at school or not. At that moment I was still in CM2. I really didn’t know if I would like this school or not. When it was time for bed I couldn’t wait to wake up for my first day.

The next day I had to wake up at 7:00 am as usual. This time I was taking the tram. Once in the tram I travelled with my dad for the first day to actually get there. As I had done a test, I knew at least where the front door was so I could pop in after I said goodbye to my dad.

Inside the school, one teacher (if it was a teacher) told me to go outside and see which class I was in. As it was my first day, I spent the day with my principal teacher. You might be wondering what a principal teacher is, well, a principal teacher is the teacher that looks after you.

In the playground I was amazed at how big it was. Now I don’t even notice it. One other thing I loved was the four table tennis tables that were there.

At five pm I had to go home but the only problem was I had to go on my own and I had never done it on my own. I started to stress a bit.

At the exit of the school I was pushed by all the other students. There were so many of us going out, I could hardly breathe.

And here it came, the tram I had to take. I went on the tram and I had a big surprise, ALL my friends were taking the same tram as me. I was delighted. I knew from now on that I could take the tram with my friend.

At home I just wanted to be at school the next day. It was great fun.