Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Lily P
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My heart plummeted at the thought of going back to school. I turned over and over in my bed, looking up at the blank ceiling. Tomorrow, I’d be going to Europole, A huge, enormous, big school. I stayed hours thinking about it until, finally, I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up at six. As I realized it was my first day of school I let out a small squeal, bounced off my bed and started dancing all around my room. But far away from my expectations, this was a morning like all others. Rushing around everywhere, getting downstairs half dressed because your mum would be calling you for breakfast and then sending you back upstairs in disgrace. You may be wondering why I woke up so early, the reason was that my parents had to go to work at eight, and bring my little brother Ben, to school. We had planned to leave me at my mum’s work. I’d be joining my friend Catriona and Charlotte, since Catriona’s mum worked at the same place.

I jumped into the car next to my mum, with my brand new school bag and a brand new grin accompanied it. We drove in silence before a burning question made me burst out:

"How did your first day at school go?" I said curiously.

"Well, I can’t really remember, but I’m still here so it mustn’t have gone too bad," she made a faint laugh then fell silent.

We arrived at the management school. The building felt ever so big and right at that moment I wanted to go and hide so small. My mum and I walked towards it and she casually opened the door, I felt my fingers trembling and my throat going dry. What if my first day of school went horribly? What if I was put in class where I didn’t know anyone? What if my principle teacher was horrid, the teachers which have unusual crooked finger and she’d shove it right in front of my face! I shivered at the thought. We arrived at the ninth floor and walked into my mum’s office.

I was delighted to see my two friends Catriona and Charlotte. We greeted each other, then sat down and chatted about our summer holidays. It helped me forget about my stress a bit until Alison, Catriona’s mum disturbed us and said it was time to go and eat. This time it wasn’t butterflies but eagles buzzing in my tummy. We got up and went downstairs to the lobby, we opened the grand door and walked outside into the fresh air.

It was dazzling sunshine that day, people were in shorts and were huffing and puffing. I felt terribly hot in my new jeans and wondered if I shouldn’t have worn something lighter. We walked a few minutes in silence and I saw that the two others seemed to have scared faces. We arrived at a nice restaurant called "Le Planetalis" where I ordered some pasta and vegetables. I looked at my plate, but felt as if I ate something it would go up the wrong way.

It was time for school. I felt rather faint and every part of me was shaking.

As I got there I caught sight of a great friend, Louisa. I ran to join her. Eventually, I met up with all my friends, and decided we’d have to face the day together. Packs of people were crowded around a gate and slowly the gate opened to let all the children in. That was the time to get put into the classes: we all bustled through the gates and the first sheet with all sorts of names stood in front of us. I scanned through the paper, but I wasn’t there. I checked through the second, the third, and then I stopped at the fourth and saw my name. I was in 6eme 4, with Catriona, Charlotte, and two other best friends. My principal teacher was Mme.Mazzucotelli, who was a very nice teacher. We went into the big pantomime room where Mme. Tison made a long speech about all the goings on around school, then we spent the afternoon with our principal teacher, where she gave us hundreds of papers. At the end of the day I felt so light I felt I could fly. Best day EVER.