autobiography: young girl going to a big school

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Charlotte B
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I was in bed, so excited for the next day to arrive. "What will happen to me?" I thought. When I woke up I got dressed. I had brand new clothes, a brand new bag and pencil case. I went down to the gate and waited for my friend Catriona to arrive. I hopped into her car and we drove off. We hung around all morning at her mom’s work. Catriona, Lily and I were so hungry that by the end our tummies were rumbling, so we went to a restaurant to eat. It was called the Planetalis, I remember I took pasta carbonara with mushrooms.

While we were walking to school we talked about how stressed we actually were. Catriona and Lily saw all these girls from last year that I did not know. I felt a bit left out. When the school gates opened, there was a stampede and we were all squashed. Once inside, we were sorted into our classes. I got into 6e4 and Mme Mazzucotelli was my head teacher. At first, we went into one of the classrooms and she explained a bunch of stuff that I do not remember to this day! She gave us our timetable and made us stick lots and lots of little pieces of paper. We then marched into the assembly hall where they did a two hour speech that to me made no sense at all, but on the bright side it was kind of funny. "Do not worry," said Mrs Tison, "Mr Ivars will not eat you!"

When we marched back into our classrooms, we were called by name and a final year student gave us a tour of the school. My guide was called Anais. When I got out of school I saw my dad and I gave him a big hug. We then went on the tram and then luckily caught the bus. I was so tired that night, the moment my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

The next day my schoolbag was packed and I was ready to go. My friend’s car was in front of the gate and I got in with my bag clutched in my left hand. We were walking, half running to go into our first class. When we walked in Mme Mazzucotelli greeted us and we sat down at the back of the class. We were all so happy to be at Europole, but at the same time some pupils, like me, wished they were back in primary school. I did miss my friends and my village school.

Mme Mazzucotelli gave us our lockers and as she spoke the bell, which sounded like a fire alarm was ringing. Everyone was blocking their ears. In the hallway I met an old friend of mine who is in 5e: "Oh, you got into Europole?" he said looking surprised! I felt kinda of mad after that.

We went into the very long queue for the canteen and I finally got to use my new canteen card. I was so happy,but when I slid my card through the slot, it didn’t work. I tried again but it still would not work; After the 5th try I succeeded. I chose my lunch but it did not look that appetising. We then sat at the table and gobbled up our lunches. I then served myself a cup of water but I spilt the jug of water. The water went everywhere even in my plate and every day, I do the same thing. The last hour at 3 o’ clock all of the English section in my class got to leave school and for the first time I would take the bus and the tram by myself! So I ran to the first tram, passed my card, walked into the tram and sat down at the nearest seat. When I arrived at the bus stop I had to wait 26 minutes. I had just missed the bus. I sat on the metal bench and peered from time to time at the electronic timetable. The bus eventually arrived. I got in and found a seat at the front and then looked at the traffic. When the bus stopped, I jumped off and started to walk up to my house, I could not believe that I did that on my own!

The next day was the same as every other day, except that I had English, my favourite subject. I felt so lucky ducky bucky (which means really really lucky in Charlotte language).

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