Autobiography: Banana Bread and Big Buildings

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Crystelle V
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I stepped out of the tram; there it was; the school that, the first time I had heard of it, I had wanted to go to. I was so excited that I wanted to run to that building and give it a hug. (I couldn’t have done that anyways, it was way too BIG). At the same time, I wanted to stay with my mom and dad "forever". My dad and I walked from the tram to the school’s entry way waiting for the bell to ring. It seemed like an eternity, waiting for that bell.

" Ring bell, ring!", I thought to myself impatiently.

Everyone was to start at 1 o’clock, so every few seconds I asked my dad ‘’What time is it?, what time…’’. And, of course, it was never 1 o’clock. Then, after some billion years later, that bell finally rang. When it rang, a strange lady stepped out of that mysterious building…

"OK,", I told myself, "it’s not that mysterious. It is kinda big, but not too mysterious." (At least, I hoped so). Well, the lady that had stepped out of the building was a lady that would help direct us to where we needed to go. She told us a bunch of stuff and that I didn’t even hear half of ‘cause of the noise around us. I felt as if I was in a big bubble, unable to do anything, unable to hear anything and unable to see anything. I was totally freaked out.(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!) But then I just decided to follow the crowd. It worked! I got to my class in the "nick ‘a time".

The whole half day, I sat in class and listened to my main teacher tell us all about how this school works. For some, this was boring. For others it was tiring. And still for others, this was exciting. For me, it was intereresting. I always like to learn information about things that I am excited about. And I was sure excited about this.

After the interesting half-a-day in class, I stepped outside into a beautiful world full of fresh air. Oh, oh, how I needed fresh air. Then, out of the blue, I saw my mom and my baby brother. I ran to my mom and gave her a hug.

The next day, I woke up bright and early at 7:15. I had a yummy breakfast of banana bread muffins. Just thinking of it now, my mouth waters. The night before, my parents and I had decided that I would go to school all by myself. I was really thrilled, but just a little worried. "What if I was late for school, what if this, what if that...?" Those thoughts swirled through my head as if in a whirlwind, but I just pushed them all aside.

When I finally got to school, a friend that I had met the day before ran up to me and said to me: "Where were you?" "I just got here, but other than that, I have been on that tiring tram." "Oh, OK...’’

After that little encounter, the bell rang. Every time that bell rings, I jump(of course, not literally) at the sound of that bell. The first time I heard it, I thought that there was a fire in the building and we all had to be evacuated. It was really scary. Well, getting back to the bell ringing, some new friends and I hurried to class. We were freaked out about getting to the wrong class but we didn’t have to worry, we got to the right class at the right time. All the teachers I had seemed really, really nice. My favorite class of all was English. I don’t know why, it just was.

I finished at five o’clock in the afternoon. It was so hot that afternoon, I really didn’t think that I was going to survive it. But I did and went home to spend a cosy weekend. I really wanted to get back to school the first minute I was out of the building for two reasons: One, it was hot outside of the school and refreshingly cool inside. Two, I LOVED THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!