Autobiography: Woo Hoo! School......this is the only time I’ll ever say that!!

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Alicia L
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Autobiography: Woo Hoo! School......this is the only time I’ll ever say that!! "Woo Hoo!!" I woke up all excited: it was my first day at my new school!! I wondered, " What shall I wear?" I didn’t want to look like a little girl from primary school. That was very important. I’d already packed my school bag, a few days before. I wanted to go straight away, but I had to wait until after lunch.

"Crunch, Crunch!" I’d been chewing on my lunch for about an hour and I’d been having trouble swallowing it. My mouth was too dry. I was feeling really nervous.

As Mum parked in front of the school, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I walked closer to the school. In the distance, I could see a swarm of children and parents. Happily, I saw all of my friends, waiting nervously. I ran up to them feeling extremely relieved that they were there. Suddenly, the school gates opened with a creak. I went in and found my class. Then I heard someone whisper to me:

“Alicia, psst, Alicia!” I looked to my left and saw my four best friends all standing there together, in the same class. One of them mouthed, “Sorry” to me , but I knew it wasn’t their fault that they were all together without me. I was upset.

The next day, as I walked towards the school, my sister whispered quickly to me, "I don’t know you, OK?" To my surprise, NOT! She walked off quickly into school, leaving me standing there by myself not knowing what to do, or where to go. Don’t worry! I’ll get her back for that!

My very first full day of school didn’t start very well. As I slumped into the chair ready for an hour of boredom (aka: permanence) a lady came in and started shouting at all the 6emes. She wanted to know why we were there at 8 o’clock when we all started at 9 o’clock. I was scared. I was already in trouble, Mum won’t be very happy! What was I supposed to do, I had to come in that early because of my sister. We could choose what to eat, and it was edible!!! I was so used to having to walk twenty minutes to another school and then be served a plate of mush, and then be made to eat it. Bleurgh!!

Now, I really don’t feel sad about not being with all my friends. It’s been good for me as I’ve made new friends but still I see my other friends every day at break and in English. I’m happy!