Autobiography:"Beat The Heat At The CSI"

Thursday 7 November 2013
by  Tejus S
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I survived the first day of school! The night before was really horrible. I had spent a gazillion minutes packing. Though I knew it would all start at 1 o’clock, I could be at ease, but I wanted to do everything the night before, so that I could relax a bit. I wanted the next day to be cold (my favorite kind of weather) but it turned out scalding hot!

When I got ready, I ended up wearing the same clothes that I had worn almost every day of the summer: a Quicksilver T-shirt and shorts. My breakfast that day was Indian: Poha (Indian breakfast or snack) and freshly squeezed orange juice. When my Dad came to have lunch, we went to a well-known sandwich shop. As we ate, my Dad kept on asking:"Did you pack well?". The day was my “big day “or should I say, the “big half-day”. Then it was 1 o’clock, my final hour of reckoning.

When I arrived at school, it took me a while to spot some of my friends, because it seemed all of France had come here! As soon as I got out of the car, it felt like I had just stepped into an oven, it was 32 degree celsius! With my one strap bag packed with the essentials of the day: a notebook, an elasticated folder for the documents and my pencil case, I strode towards my destination.

I remember that I had prayed to be in the same class as my friends; instead, I spotted my name on a lonely sheet, and the crowd standing near it was completely stranger to me. It is Murphy’s Law, I concluded. I looked at the sheet one more time, and this time I found two familiar names, bringing quite a relief to an already sinking heart. I was in 6eme 2 and my principal teacher was a Mme Chovet, who was also our science teacher. The class including all the 6ème went to a speech given by the different superiors of the college. Once inside the class, she gave us all the documents to be read and filled in, she explained about the college’s different superiors and their role in the college. At last, she gave us the timetable: the key instrument for secondary school. The timetable is used to know at what time in which classroom in which lesson you have to go and to get out of the college, it’s sticked in the "cahier de correspondance"which is like you’re ID card in the college. You can use it to go to the CDI (Centre Documentation et d’Information) or the "foyer" a place where you can relax a bit rather than staying in the gruel and dull permanence.

The day itself was incredible, but extremely exhausting and even more-so because it came after the long summer break. I seriously couldn’t believe that a half-day could bring so much damage to a human being! By the end of the day, I was deflated, tired and completely taken apart by the sheer stress of the “big half-day”. I slumped to my mother’s office which was close to the school so that I could go home with her. That was a moment that changed my life, that was my first day at secondary school.