Autobiography: vroum vroum Zidoum

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Amel Z
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My first day at secondary school


I woke up, all dizzy from my little night of sleep. Of course my brother woke me with his alarm: it sounds like two birds fighting but it’s actually a song. I could get more sleep, I finish at 1. Very weird I know. Whoever heard of a first day at secondary school that starts at 1?! I mean, who heard of an organization like that? I had my test two days before the first day and the results the next day, and so I started with nothing and finished with C.S.I. Europole. And so, as I said I could get more sleep, but I just lay on my bed, dreaming of a world with no loneliness. When my time came I finally took my, not yet but nearly, empty bag and dragged my grandmother, the old and creepy lady to her weird car. She drove me, to the C.S.I.. During the whole journey I was stressed to death. Well if you could call that driving I would be very grateful! Once we arrived, she dropped me off like if I was a bomb ready to explode.

First thing I saw was a big, big ,big, big, well you get it, gigantic crowd in front of the very big school. Drrring! The bell rang and everyone zoomed in through the entrance. Papers were attached to the wall, and so I read the first one and found my name at the very bottom of the list.

A short and thin woman with a thick brownish bag, and a paper in her hand came and led us to a classroom. We went right, up two stories high then right then left and we were in class: E.2.36. She gave us papers to fill up, to sign, to stick...And finally, the 12th grade class came and interrupted the “sort” of lesson. They were laughing and trying to find out which one of us they had to take, they told our names and took us. My, what they call "marraine", was a girl with long thin hair and a reassuring look on her face. Like everyone, the first thing she asked was, “Are you in the Arabic section?” and like always I say, “No, I’m in the English section!”. She never stopped talking about the school, how the nurse wasn’t nice, about the bad food, the teachers who are mad when you’re late, all of that while showing me the school. Now, I knew this place better than my brother.

When I got home I felt exhausted but completely normal. I just fell on my bed and went drifting in my dreams. The week-end was short and tiring. I sincerely preferred school to shopping. A week-end with no homework is not a shopping week-end.

So, today Saturday, I am back at school, first class: technology, like was the first time I had technology I mumbled in front of the E doorways. My luck, that’s where the teacher was. He led us to the class and let us chose our places. I sat in front of a girl, but a boy pushed in and sat next to me. The guy, was so annoying; he kept on talking and talking and talking. But I had no choice, it’s not like he came and asked if the place was taken. I had to endure that for an hour and a half. Then there was science, boring! Later I ate at the canteen with friends I just made during the queue: Elise, Elisa, Sirid and Louise. After we ate and chatted we went to our next class. It was like any other class, but it was quite fun with my friends. When this day of school was finished I was relieved, I was so tired I thought I had to crawl home.

The next day was Tuesday, so there isn’t any very important class: it’s easier and I’m less tired. Once I had arrived in front of the school, I tried to find my friends as I got in. When we were all together and ready we walk, well I call that running but apparently they don’t. At the break Louise made a weird noise like "Vroom, vroom". We all laughed and Elise and Elisa started saying, "Vroom, Vroom Zioum" as they couldn’t say it properly. That is my last name, yes it’s weird I know. So all’s well that ends well, isn’t that what some say?

From this day on all was somehow, a bit "normal", when I say that I mean it’s like nothing has changed: classes are boring, the food is bad and your friends...I could continue, but it’s a bit long.