Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Paloma B
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How cool is school?

When my mum told me that it was time to go, I went down the stairs very s-l-o-w-l-y because I didn’t want to go there for the first time as a pupil. The afternoon came quite quickly. I jumped into my dad’s car and looked out of the window whilst he was driving. Sick, lonely, forgotten and worried were my first feelings when I arrived in front of the school. My mum had taken her camera to take photos of me. "Why is it SO far? Why do all the other pupils know each other? Why am I the only one that doesn’t know anybody?" I asked myself. I went in, terrified, and followed the others. Then, some of the teachers separated us into smaller groups: 6 ème 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. "What is 6 ème 3? Is it some sort of class?" I thought.

A few minutes later, we went into a classroom and our main teacher (the one that showed us the way) was standing in front of us all. She started explaining all about the school. Then after about an hour and a half (it seemed like ages), she asked us if we wanted to share a locker with someone in the class. I was looking at another girl whilst the teacher was talking and, just after the teacher said that, she looked at me and was pointing at herself, then me. I knew that it meant that she wanted to share a locker with me. I was SO pleased!!! Someone actually wanted to share a locker with me!!!! I didn’t even think that anyone would like me there!!!

Anyway, after we had told the teacher that we wanted to share a locker together and that she had given us our locker number, she took us all into a very big room that looked very much like a small theatre. Lots of other children were their, not only from 6ème 3. Tall, small, thin, fat, all VERY different from each other. I sat next to four boys. The teachers were in front of us and we were looking at them. They were explaining who they were and what they did in the school. When all the teachers had finished speaking, our main teacher took us back down and let us out to join our parents who were waiting impatiently.

That night, I was even more stressed than before because my mum told me that a few of the children there were from the Houille Blanche school and that that was the reason why they all knew each other.

I didn’t really know what time I had to get up the next morning, but I didn’t think that it would be earlier than 6 o’clock.

My mum actually woke me up at quarter to six. I didn’t get out of bed; I just stayed there, half asleep, half awake. Eventually, I got up and ate my breakfast, tired. I got to school at 8 o’clock and was in such a state that I don’t even remember what else I did, but, that day, I found out that the girl I had met was called Alice and that she had an older sister. I also met someone who is now my best friend, Alicia. Even though we didn’t speak to each other or look at each other the first afternoon of school, in the end, we didn’t STOP chatting!

Looking back at that first day, lots of things have changed:

1°) Now I’ve got lots of friends in all different sections (Spanish, English...) and classes (6ème 1, 4, 5..)

2°) I know the teachers and the classes (most of them).

3°) I can speak English at school with my friends! (my old school wasn’t international, so nobody understood what I was saying when I spoke English!)

I’m happy to go to school now, I’m not scared anymore, and

now, when I’m not at school, I always miss my friends and the CSI!