Autobiography: Singin’ In Bed (SIB)

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Raphael L
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I was sooo ti-red at the END OF THE DAY, I could have fallen asleep in Math class.

The night before I was singing to myself:

"I’m so little I’m going to school, I feel like a fool saying this word, S-C-H-O-O-L School"

I wanted to keep this secret: My mom worked at the ASG (in the same building (director)).

I was missing how easy my old school was.

I thought …oh gosh MY MEMORY’S BLANK.

The 7th grade students looked like they had been here for 30 years although they had only been here for one year.

I must have looked silly with my backpack almost hanging to my feet.

I was little… I think… Maybe like a little cricket… In front of 1000 elephants.

I’m not trying to criticise the CSI but I never thought about saying this... CSI is cool. NO NO, I’m not saying it’s cool like when you put something in the freezer no no... not that... at least. I’m saying to everybody who is reading this, to children to teens to adults to cats to dogs to smurfs... there’s a kid that almost made me fall at the canteen.

I could not talk, I was doomed in front of a math teacher supposedly giving too much homework.

Sorry, I have to say this in Spanish... "CSI es increìble." I mean the building is amazing.

A couple days ago I looked up (on Google images) CSI Lyon... and guess what?! It’s bigger than ours!

When I came into music class the teacher opened the door. I thought he said "Guess who?!" but instead he said, "Today we have an evaluation on the suspicious do of the la in a high low medium tune in fa minor".

Now I’m not gonna talk about my French teacher... no I’m not actually. It would take a whole series of books to talk about her.

What I love about the canteen is that whenever there’s something good (like pasta) I take a full plate of it. One day, so, it just happened to be pasta. During Sports and Math I was repeating to myself, "Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta..." Then, on the way home in the car my mom asked me, "What would you like for dinner tonight?" I said, "Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta...." and then after that my mom said, "and with that?" I said, "Pasta, pasta, pasta..."

Mom: You need some vegetables with that. Me: Well, I can have bananas. Mom: (sighing and thinking, "How did this kid get in 6th grade?") Bananas are fruit. (another sigh) Me: Well, how about banana peel?

Mom hits her head on the horn causin’ all the other cars to jump to a stop.

Mom: Well, if you don’t tell me the name of a vegetable I’ll send you directly to bed with no dinner. Me: potatocarrotscucumberzucchinipumpkinbeansbroccolicorncabbagesaladceleryeggplant Mom: So I guess you don’t want the cake? Me: No thanks. I would prefer a liver and onion casserole. Mom (who’s a vegetarian): I’ll decide what’s for dinner.

And, it turned out Mom served me spaghetti with apple sauce for dinner that night.

When I came home I lay down on my bed and I felt like I was touching the end of the earth (another way of saying my bed felt so soft). If you want more information on my first days of school look up my all new books (available on Kindle) called, Pasta and my new book on the resolution of the economy at CSI. Nothing.