Autobiography: Secondary School Illness

Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Elisa L
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My biography

Beep! Beep! Went my alarm like a stupid turkey the day before Thanksgiving. I look at my alarm, 7 30 am. I look out my window, it was a chilly morning, but I knew today would be a boiling day. Then like every morning I hear my sister screaming/singing from upstairs, jumping as if she was a kangaroo;

“School time, school time, school…” she sang again and again.

Today I wasn’t in a good mood, but I wasn’t in a bad mood either. Today I can still feel how I felt but I can’t explain it. It felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach, and just between the two of us, it felt as if they would be coming out of my mouth any minute. At the breakfast table I couldn’t swallow anything. Everything that tasted good looked disgusting. I finally snatched up some stinking Bio-milk with this repulsive Nesquik and drank half of it. Afterward, I let my dog take care of the rest. In a few tongue flaps, all that was left was my smiling blue bowl.

Getting dressed was just as complicated as eating. Everything that I wore perfectly looked not fit at all for secondary school. So, I just took some random clothes. When my parents finally woke up, they told me, half awake, half sleeping; “There’s new clothes on the counter for you Bumble Bee.” I head towards the kitchen and, on the counter, I see a beautiful blue smiley with a pair of red pants, and even a new pair of socks! For once I was actually happy getting dressed!

Going to school was a gift; my parents were actually driving me to school! The motor started, ‘ Vroom, vroom!’ Wow this had to be a dream; I didn’t have to walk 1000 kilometers the first day of school! Hooray! So, as we got started towards the CSI, which I thought was called Europole by the way, I started to get car sick. I mean, I was going to be with these buttoned faced freaks for a longtime.

Plus, I heard people say all vacation; “6th grade changes lives!” I mean, I want to grow up and everything, but I don’t want to change! And most of all, I don’t want to become a teenager and start smoking, neither do I want to become a pimpled faced freak! All of that information was swirling inside my head like a tornado; it felt like my brain was going to explode any moment now!

When we arrived, it was just like I’d predicted; big, confusing, and big again. There were so many people, not like my old school in America. It was an immense school of shark whales with the new microscopic ‘fish tank guppies’. My legs felt like jelly and I was holding on to both my mom’s and dad’s hands like a scared little four year old. Just when I was about to black out, I heard my friend, Elisabeth (Elise)calling out my name. She was sitting next to Sigrid and another nice looking girl. I asked my parents to wait here for me. I went over to talk to them. The new girl was very pleasant, her name was Louise and she came from America just like me!

The day itself was pretty good. No, I’m kidding, it was terrorizing!!!!! I gave my mom and dad a good-bye-but-I-really-don’t-want to-leave sort of kiss. As I passed the front doors to the recess, I started to panic. Boy was I lucky to be in the same class as my BFF (best friend forever) and Sigrid and Louise! I was also glad because it looked like I had gotten a super awesome teacher (and pretty too) whose name was Mme Pathier. Cherry on top, she was our math teacher, I love math! This year, it looked like I was gonna adore math even more!

Wow, now that I think about it, I don’t really remember much! I was trying so hard not to miss a single word the teacher was saying; I only understood them by words and not by sentences. So, I had a bunch of words mixed up in my mind, ”Ouch!” Subsequently, they gave us our Time Sparer (I think) and it was c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d. even more complicated as trying to walk on the ceiling with your bare feet!

Now going on, when it was finally to chose our seats for the year it felt like if the chairs were saying things like; nope, wrong one, don’t you dare, I’ll kill you! I finally found a chair on the last row that wasn’t saying anything. I was sitting next to Elise, Sigrid Louise, and, again, a kind but shy looking girl. Her name, I found out, was Amel and her sur-name was Zidoum. So, we finished, all five of us with super peculiar last names. They were.

Elisa Lacour , like ‘the recess’, Elise Morawe, which is pronounced Morave, like the desert in south California, Sigrid Madeleine, hmm yummy cake! Louise Decamp, oh I’m going camping, and last but certainly not least, Amel Zidoum, like, I go as fast as lightning; Zidoum!

At the end of the day I was dreadfully tired, so tired that anything I said or thought just hurt me from head to toe. Wow! Did that hurt, in addition to that, it was really infuriating! But my mind kept telling me, ooh I want to go to school tomorrow. There are so many things to learn, I couldn’t dread missing a single day of school! Also I love the CDI. It is superb. I love reading and to tell you everything the high school kids are really nice, the problem is the other secondary school kids aren’t always very nice with us.

Getting back to reality, it felt like all my butterflies had gone, and I hadn’t even thrown up. Instead, they had been replaced by a huge bubble of air. It felt as if I was flying through the sky, soaring as if i were a bird through the clouds, like nothing could possibly stop me... STOP DREAMING! See how tired I was!!! This was the start of a new life. if i really think about it, being a pimpled face freak really can’t be that bad!!!! KIDDING!!!!