A lively meeting with Mr. Kenny !

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  George B
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A lively meeting with Mr. Kenny !

By George B.

On April 11th 2013, the English 6°LL of the CSI Grenoble had the chance and the opportunity to have a conversation with Mike Kenny, a well known British playwright.

He first of all told us about an enormous play festival called the "York Mystery Plays", where this year’s version will be about a story through three generations- WWI, WWII and into the modern day.

It was funny when Mr. Kenny told us that he used an iPad or a notebook to write down all of his ideas. He said that he never plans anything in advance !

When one of the pupils asked him how he was inspired to create his characters, he replied that they were nearly all based on real people, but then changed in different forms. For example, his Auntie Linda is in every play, in any form. She is mainly "Imelda Baglady" in "Whose Shoes" !

He also told us several stories that happened to him in his life, like the time his son was at school. He had a very nasty English teacher who gave Mr. Kenny the creeps : "Never trust someone who gives you the creeps." That is what he said.

We also asked him if he had trouble getting inspired : "Your lives are enough, that’s what writing is about."

I thought Mr. Kenny was one of the most interesting men I have met in my life ! I didn’t regret a single bit meeting him and I have learned several new ways to write a play !