Juggling with Jelly

mercredi 12 juin 2013
par  Robin K
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With our English class and the other group of sixth graders in the English section , for the "Printemps des Poètes",we met the famous playwright Mike Kenny.

Meeting him was awesome !!! He was so nice and very clear when he entered a subject (sometimes, his plays weren’t as clear as he was). He had a very fun sense of humour. He spoke a lot about his family and how they are related to most of the characters in his plays. His Aunt Linda was, as he said, in most of his plays. Like in "Whose Shoes", Imelda Baglalady, who was supposed to be a character from a mix of his imagination and his Aunt Linda, is a storyteller.

"My characters are fictional and at the same time from the real world."

It’s interesting how you have characters that are a mix of reality and imaginary, for example : you could have a friend of yours be a character in your play. But you could add a pinch of difference in the character and it could be a totally different person.

I also liked his sense of humour ! His jokes were pretty funny ! One of my favorite jokes of his was the Judas. It started in York when he was finally starting to get more and more popular. He was entering a bakery and a man came next to him and leaned forward and told him : "Are you Mike ?" "Yes I am," he answered. "I’m Judas," he said. "I hope your not going to kiss me !" Mike said But Judas didn’t understand his joke. What he meant is that in the bible, Judas is a disciple of Jesus that betrays Jesus to the Romans who crucify him on the cross. But to show the Romans who Jesus is he explains to them that he will kiss him on the forehead. And that is the sense of the joke.

I also liked when he talked about getting stuck on a problem because it can help you when you are in doubt. He said :

"If you try something and you get stuck and it doesn’t work just go back and try something else. And maybe later you’ll come back to the same place you were before and you’ll manage to succeed."

I really loved our time with Mike Kenny and I hope we get to meet him again.