A meeting with Mike Kenny

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Jasmine M
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Juggling with Jelly : a meeting with Mike Kenny !

Written by Jasmine M

Mike Kenny visited us on 11th April 2013. He talked to us about writing plays and answered our questions.

I was already excited by the idea of meeting a playwright, but it was even better than I thought it would be !

When Mike Kenny came to visit us he told us about :
- his characters, who were almost all imagined from Auntie Linda. His aunt is Imelda Baglady in "Whose Shoes". He told us that the problem with characters is that you have a hard time finding a name for them. Probably the reason why there are only a few characters in his plays.

- his troubles about writing a play : Once somebody asked him to write a play, so he wrote it but when he was finished, his client wanted something else, so he rewrote it.But the client still didn’t like it. It continued like that for a while, but he finally made it.

- he also told us to NEVER trust somebody who gives you the creeps.

We also asked which play was his favorite and here’s what he told us :

’’ I hate it when people ask me that one. It’s like asking me which one of my kids was my favorite ! "

But nevertheless he told us which of his plays he liked the most. He likes "Walking the Tightrope" and he likes "Stepping Stones" which is a play for kids with disabilities.

-He explained to us the "route and map people" it is about the different types of people in the world :
- map people are the people who make a plan and know exactly what they are going to do.
- route people are people who have an idea, head in a direction, make a mistake, go in another direction, come back to the same place and continue like that until they manage to come to a conclusion.

The visit was fun and it was nice of Mike Kenny to come and visit us so,

Thank you Mike Kenny for coming to visit us !!