Mike Kenny : iPad, address book and fountain pen

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Charlotte S
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by Charlotte Steuwer

On Thursday 11th April 2013, Mike Kenny, an English playwright, came to our school. He explained to us how he worked ...

He uses an iPad, a sort of miniature office to him, but he also makes notes in an address book(he picked up his latest one by mistake, thinking it was a simple notebook). He writes using a fountain pen,which he said feels like dancing.

It was exciting that Mike Kenny came because we had studied his plays before. I studied "The Song FromThe Sea" with Anita Pedersen. My favourite play was " Whose Shoes."which we acted out briefly in class. I thought it was quite difficult to read plays, but when we act them, it is as if somebody switches the light on and everything becomes light .

I liked it when he talked about the map and route people : the map people are people who always plan their writing ; the route people are people who write, then go back if something goes wrong, then go another way.

Mike Kenny is in charge of the York Mystery Plays. This year they are doing a play called "Blood and Chocolate". Sometimes, people ask him to write specific plays, but mostly he writes them from his own ideas.

We asked him if the characters for his plays were fictional or real. He answered, "I don’t really know the answer to that, it is a sort of a combination." He said all his plays contained Auntie Linda, his aunt who is in her 90s. She is starting to forget things, and, for the first time, this Christmas, she forgot who he was. I liked it a lot when he talked about her, as it was interesting. She sort of reminds me of my Grandma Susan : she is a bit deaf and talks a lot too.

Mike Kenny has a Welsh mother and an Irish father who lived in Manchester. He said his family were big talkers. When he was little, he read a lot, he wrote quite a bit too, but not as much. One day he won a writing competition.

Mike Kenny’s visit changed my way of looking at his plays. I also understand some of them better ( "The Song From The Sea"for example.)

THANKS FOR COMING MIKE KENNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!