Juggling with Jelly

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Erik H
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Juggling with Jelly

by Erik H

Old men are sometimes funnier than young ones. A very funny and old Mike Kenny came to visit us on 11th April in the library

- I liked Mike Kenny because he knew what to say when we asked questions and he was funny.
- Mike explained things clearly to everyone. He kept smiling even when we asked embarrassing questions and he took the time to answer all the questions we asked:
- "Which play is you favorite? I hate it when people asked me that one." But he said it with a smile.
- What play was he working on now? He answered it was a play called Edmund the Learning Pig.

- He said that real people inspired him to write.
- He also said that you should never trust someone who gave you the creeps, which I think is true.

He said that they are two kinds of people:
- map people who make plans and follow them to the end of the world.
- Route people follow their feelings, have no plan and go back and forth. Mike is a route person. He was, in all, friendly, nice and basically a good person.

Tips for writing

Mike Kenny gave us several tips for writing plays:
- writing plays is like juggling with jelly.
- Never think that what you see and what you think aren’t good enough for writing. For example his aunt is in every one of his plays. Take a look and find her.
- Your life is what writing is made of.
- Also never let the world stop you, and don’t censure anything.