Nothing can stop you from writing!

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Joshua LM
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Nothing can stop you from writing!

By Joshua LM

"Never trust people who give you the creeps!" insists Mike Kenny. I completely share his opinion. Mike Kenny followed this advice whilst his oldest son was at school. A scary school teacher gave him the creeps and prompted him to change his son’s school straight away. The family never looked back.

I thought Mike Kenny, who looked much younger than his age, was a very inspiring and friendly person who made lots of jokes and was happy to explain things to us. With a Welsh mum and an English dad who had a strong Irish background, Mike Kenny was full of surprises and really down to earth. He used metaphors, for example calling himself a "route" person as apposed to a map person to show us how he always writes without making a plan beforehand. He made me laugh when he told us that he had bought an address book instead of a notebook, which he has actually ended up using as an emergency book for jotting down all important ideas for plays no matter when they come into his head.

I liked the fact that he said that nothing could stop you from doing anything you want, just as he has become a playwright, despite his own world seeming to be a far cry from the world of theatre. I enjoyed finding out about his family and humble background with a lorry driver dad and how his everyday life inspires him to write. He told us that his Aunty Linda, who is now 95, figures in nearly every play he has written. She is Imelda Baglady in the play Whose shoes? Mike Kenny really believes that we need look no further than our own everyday lives which provide us with more than enough inspiration for our writing.

His plays have convinced me that anything is possible if you take it one step at time just like in Stepping Stones. He makes us want to hold on to our dreams, and follow our hearts to be tightrope walkers no matter how impossible it may seem.

Mike Kenny came across as a very normal person who has not let success go to his head. It was a real pleasure to meet him.

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