"Never Let the World Stop You"

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Inis OB
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“Never Let the World Stop You”

By Inis O’B.

Mike Kenny came to visit us on Thursday 11th April 2013. I have to say, when the teacher told us a famous playwright was coming to our class for the "Printemps du Livre", I thought I was going to spend two hours pretending to listen to some boring monologue. But that would have been a mistake. I would have missed a morning walking with Mike in the garden, with him planting seeds and me watching them grow into beautiful plants that will never disappear because we have them in our memories forever.

I was very surprised when he walked in because I really hadn’t imagined him like that. When he said he was 62 years old, I didn’t really believe it. He looked as if he was 45, and I have to admit I had never seen nor imagined a 62 year old man wearing 3 earrings in one ear. On the other hand, I suppose his clothes were more adapted to an elderly English gentleman. He must have been hot because he asked us to open the window.

When he started talking, I instantly stopped worrying about his wardrobe because he was captivating. Mike Kenny told us that these days, in York, some people recognise him in the street or in the baker’s shop. He said he wrote on an iPad but he explained that, even if he uses an iPad, he also still writes with a fountain pen and a notebook because "it feels like dancing". He said he bought his latest notebook without realising it was in fact an address book.

He explained his characters were inspired from real life ; he took the example of his Auntie Linda who is in all of his plays. She is especially prominent in "Whose Shoes", where she is characterised by Imelda Baglady. It shows you don’t need a great life to write great things.

His visit made me want to write and I discovered that "life is enough and that’s the stuff plays are made of". Before his visit, for me writing wasn’t a chore but if I wasn’t inspired I just forgot about it and did something else instead. Mike proved to me that if you want something you can have it with a bit of will. I rushed back home to talk to my parents about his visit, my mother listened to me all right, but my father just let me blabber on beside him while he was watching the football.