"Your Lives are Enough to Write about"

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Martin DM
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"Your Lives are Enough to Write about"

On 11 April 2013 Mike Kenny came in to see us in our school. written by Martin M

Nobody would have imagined beforehand that this visit would have been so interesting, but all of us were extremely wrong!

Mike Kenny is a British playwright who lives in York and came to see us in our school to talk to us about being a playwright. He is in charge of the York Mystery Plays. If you want you can look for “York Mystery Plays 2012 trailer" on Youtube. He he has many plays for children and we will act one out soon: “The Forgetting”.

He told us many things about writing plays, what he thinks of them and about himself. The thing that I liked the most was when he said, “Your lives are enough to write about”, which means that you do not need to be a super human to write.

What he said that I really liked was, "Don’t let anyone stop you from writing,” which I translated into "Don’t let anyone tell you what to do in your life."

He also told us that he was a "route" person, but some people were "map” people. "Route" people are people who do not plan, but just start where they want and if they get stuck they just start all over again. And sometimes use the same beginning, but then don’t say the same things and "Map" people are people who plan everything beforehand and then know what they are going to write.

When we asked him if he had already been told that his stories were dark, he told us that he knew it they but that life is dark and everyone must know what life is like outside the world we know.

Mike Kenny’s visit was a very memorable one which I will never forget. He inspired me to become a playwright, which I would never have wanted to be before.