Mike Kenny : A Strange Combination

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Anita P
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written by Anita P

On Thursday 11th April 2013 we met Mike Kenny and his French translator in the video room in the CDI. There was some kind of peculiar atmosphere with total silence. Everyone was waiting for Mike Kenny to start speaking ...

He carries around with him an iPad on which he spends most of his time writing his plays. He said that it was brilliant because it is like carrying your office around with you. When he writes, if something goes wrong, he goes back, but always keeps a copy of his work that wasn’t great. By accident his son deleted some of his copies when he was updating something on the iPad.

He said that if you want to be a writer you shouldn’t let the world censor you because if you do, you won’t easily become a writer or a playwright. I will always remember (except if I get The Forgetting) when he said, "Never trust the people who give you the creeps," because if you trust them, they might do exactly the opposite of what you expect.

Later on we asked if his characters were based on real people or if he just invented them. He straight away answered that it was a strange combination of the two. But, Auntie Linda, is in most of his plays.

To start one of his plays, he always goes one way but if he gets stuck he goes back and goes a different way and so and so on.

I really think that we who met him have all been lucky because it is not every day that you meet someone that is famous. It was really interesting meeting him.