Life is Enough

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Leila A
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[* Life Is Enough *]

-by Leïla A

“At first I thought : ‘Can you think of anything more boring than meeting a playwright ?’ But Mike Kenny proved me wrong !” Mike Kenny surprised us, made us laugh and hooked us in his personal little stories. He inspired us in all the good ways I could think of and made us love him as a playwright.

[* My thoughts about Mike Kenny : *]

Mike Kenny uses a lot of metaphors and wonderful sentences in a brilliant way, here are some :

"My books are about life and life is scary."

“Writing a story is like juggling with jelly.”

"When you write with a fountain pen, it feels like dancing !"

("The lights are on but there’s no-one home.", Mike Kenny’s wife’s way of describing him.)

It’s amazing how such simple and true sentences can surprise us in every way.

Mike Kenny likes writing as much as talking, and he proved it during our meeting. He told us small and funny stories about people recognising him in the streets of England as he became famous for his plays. The best part was that as he told his stories, he made me think of my family and me.

[* Impressions *]

Mike Kenny really inspired me to take an iPad and start writing a play or a story about people around me or family and turn it into an imaginary story.

[*I will never forget this meeting because Mike Kenny planted seeds in my head and they are still growing into flowers.*]

[* Tips for writing : *]

- Never plan your essays
- Always keep a copy of your drafts ; they might come in useful
- "That’s the stuff writing is made of ; your lives are enough."

[* “Thank you, Mike Kenny, for this wonderful and inspiring visit that I may never forget !” *]