The extraordinary visit with a famous playwright

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Laetitia D
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The extraordinary visit with a famous playwright

I’ve never really liked reading plays or writing plays, but once Mike Kenny came everything changed...Laetitia D

The famous playwright Mr Kenny came and visit the 6ème LL in the C.S.I on Thursday 11th April 2013 to explain to us how to write a play, and to answer our questions that we asked him.

Did you know that all of Mr. Kenny’s plays are based on his most favorite Auntie Linda, and that she was Imelda Baglady in "Whose shoes"? (She is actually in all his plays!)

Do you know where Mike Kenny writes his plays and gets all his ideas? Well Mr. Kenny writes all his plays on an iPad and jots down notes in his notebook with his very special fountain pen, which feels like dancing when he writes with it.

And since he is a playwright we asked him how to write a play, and said that he couldn’t quite answer that question because writing a play is like juggling with jelly ...and your ideas are all over the place.

Mike Kenny has three earrings in his left ear that make him look a bit rebellious and younger than his real age... but do his three earrings represent his three boys?

He gave us advice like " Your lives are enough, that is what writing is made of." That means that writing is about our lives, and what we see in life...and that’s all.

He also warned, "Never trust people that give you the creeps," because one of his son’s teachers was very mean, so when Mike Kenny went and saw the teacher, he got freaked out, just like his son.

I was actually pretty impressed with the visit of Mike Kenny, and not at all disappointed. My most favorite plays are "Whose shoes?", and "The Forgetting", and the good thing is that we actually are going to act out "The Forgetting" in English class, so I am really looking forward to it!

Now I am even more interested in reading his plays than before! And I can’t wait to read his new play about "Edmund the pig".