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mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Alexandra G
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The Marvelous Meeting with the Famous Playwright Mike Kenny

By Alexandra

I thought the meeting with Mike Kenny was going to be Mike talking about this and that for two whole hours, but when I got to the meeting, I was surprised. A lot of people were asking questions because it was so interesting !

Mike Kenny is a playwright for kids. What I like about Mike is that he is always cheerful, happy and at the same time, funny ! He tells us the funny things that happened to him, for example : ’when I walked into a store, there was a person that said : "Are you Mike Kenny ?" I said, "Yes", to which he replied "I’m Judas !" then said, "I hope you won’t kiss me !" That was a funny one.’

Somebody asked which play was his favorite and he said that he hated when someone said that because it was like choosing which child you liked best. Mike inspired me to write about anything. He really did move me ! I liked when he gave us some tips like : "Never trust somebody who gives you the creeps" or "Your life is enough" or even : "Don’t let the world stop you from writing". His tips and metaphors are just wonderful ! He says when you write, he is a route person as he comes back and goes somewhere else.

My favorite moments were when he talked about his plays, especially the one about the pig. Before we met Mike, we read some of his plays. We are going to act one out. It is ’The Forgetting’.

The effect it has made on me is marvelous ! When I saw him take out his iPad and notebook, I felt like taking my iPad and notebook and start writing in it. The meeting for me was like a dream come true.