Food and Weather

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Soumia M
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On 11th April the famous playwright Mike Kenny came for a little visit to the CSI.

I liked it when Mike Kenny told us about that the two most important things in his plays were the food and the weather. It made me laugh because everybody needs to have important things when they write. I didn’t expect this answer.

I was surprised when Mike Kenny said that "Writing was like juggling with jelly. You never know where it’s going to end." I thought that authors and playwrights wrote without any difficulties !!!!

In all his plays Mike Kenny includes his Auntie Linda. For Mike Kenny, Auntie Linda is Uncle Harry, Imelda Baglady and many others....

When you write "life is enough", said Mike Kenny. When I write an essay I haven’t thought about my own life. And now Mike Kenny has changed my mind because now I ’m always going to write with a part of my own life.

What made me laugh was that sentence :"Never trust people who scare you." It’s true that people scare me sometimes, but I never talk to them.

"Always write with a pen you like," he said ! I don’t have a pen that I like much, but I do have a notebook where I like to describe my life in poems.

I just hope I will never forget the things Mike Kenny told us that morning, because THAT would be a real SHAME.