Marvellous Moments with Magnificent Mike Kenny

Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Elise C
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On 11th April 2013, Mike Kenny came to the CSI Grenoble to see the 6°LL English class to talk about his life being a playwright and his plays in general.

By Elise.C 6° LL

I imagined that being in a room with a playwight for two hours would be boring, but I was wrong : I thought Mike Kenny was the complete opposite to what I thought was a playwright. A playwright for me would be a serious looking person wearing a tie and would write every day and wouldn’t bother coming to see a class in France, even if the children liked his plays...but Mr Kenny looked as though he was still our age, he was so full of energy...

The first impression I got when Mr Kenny entered the room was ’he looks friendly’ because he was smiling and laughing all the time and the second impression I had was ’He looks like my cousin Harry who is 21 years old with all those earrings’. I can remember him saying, ’I don’t like travelling because I hate the train, the ferries,... so I travel with my plays because writing makes you swim in oceans and walk in deserts : writing makes you TRAVEL !’

Time with Mr Kenny passes quickly because you are having fun. I would have loved him to tell us more about his plays. A few more questions to ask him would have been great, but unfortunately when a question was asked, he answered the question but also went in a totally different direction...

These two hours with Mike Kenny were brilliant. In one word Mike Kenny was ’fantastic’ because he told us what could writing do to change our lives!

I still don’t want to be a playwright because I never really liked the idea of writing all day long. But I like theatre so I would love acting in one Mike Kenny’s plays, and this is what we are going to do ! We are going to act out ’The Forgetting’ in class!

Mike Kenny was like a pen and we were the paper : he was writing on us what we now know and what we didn’t know before.