Mr.Kenny and his Auntie Linda

mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Marine P
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On 11th April, we had the chance to meet Mike Kenny a playwright. He told us lots about his plays and his inspiration We had read lots of his plays before meeting him, and we were so anxious to meet him. I really enjoyed this ’encounter’ with Mr. Kenny, and during our meeting he put more stepping stones for us to go on in our life. Mr. Kenny is very creative and has lots of imagination. The night when I came home , I was at my desk and I said, well, you know, I’m going to write a play. But I discovered that it was pretty difficult to write a play. Mr. Kenny made me want to write for sure.

When Mr. Kenny was talking to us, he told us where he had got the ideas for his plays. Most and practically all of his plays are inspired by his family and his life. He told us that our lives were enough to be able to write funny and interesting plays : ’ Your lives are way enough’. He also told us about his Auntie Linda,who is in all of his plays and is definitely Imelda in ’Whose Shoes ?’. For the first time this Christmas she didn’t recognise Mr. Kenny.

I also enjoyed his metaphors like : ’ there are the routes and the maps. The routes are the people who don’t really know what they want to do and progressively add things, than go back, pick another way of doing it. The maps are the people who know exactly how they are going to do something and who plan everything.’ Mr. Kenny said that he was more of a route person. Mr. Kenny also used other sentences and metaphors like ’ Writing plays is like juggling with jelly, because if you try juggling with jelly, there will be jelly everywhere.’ or he also said that people who were certain about things disturbed him.

I thought that this ’encounter’ with Mr.Kenny was very interesting and he taught me lots of things, I will always remember this day. It was amazing. I really want to start writing now ! Thank you very much Mr.Kenny for making us discover more about writing.

By : Marine