’Walking the Tightrope’ by Mike Kenny: review

Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Joshua LM
popularity : 3%

’Walking the Tightrope’ by Mike Kenny

Reviewer: Joshua La Mouche

’Walking the Tightrope’ is one of Mike Kenny’s numerous children’s plays. This play is all about Esme, a little girl going to stay with her grandad Stan for the last week of the summer holidays.

When she arrives at his house, she senses that something is wrong: her nan, Queenie, has gone missing:

’She looked in the living room, There was the telly, The ornaments on the mantelpiece, The paper open at the racing page, The smell of damp, And the sound of the clock ticking, All the same, But something was missing.’

Esme keeps asking her grandad where her nan is, but Stan covers up the fact that she has passed away by saying that her nan has gone to join the circus to be a tightrope walker. Esme thinks she is happy at the circus but still misses her a lot. Will Esme find out where her nan is?

I liked this play because it was very touching. Knowing that Esme will never see her nan again, is a sad reality, and something that Esme does not want to believe. As the play goes on we sense that she realises what has happened, and this slow realisation shows us how people sometimes deny what they do not want to be true.

The only slight criticism I have is that the play contains quite a lot of repetition, which can appear to be slightly boring when you read it. However, when acted out, I am sure this repetition would be different, and would make the play even more powerful. All the happy routines Esme had with her nan are reflected in the lines that Esme keeps repeating, and we can see how desperately she is trying to cling on to Queenie, in the number of times she repeats herself.

The main message of this play is : ’Some things stay the same and some things change.’

My rating: 10/10. I would highly recommend this play to somebody who enjoys reading family stories all about love and life.