"The Forgetting": A play by Mike Kenny

Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Adrien D
popularity : 2%

Reviewers: Robin and Adrien (7/10)

"The Forgetting", written by Mike Kenny, explains the real problems of amnesia in a ’funny’ way. Tobias, an 84 year-old man, suffers from this.

In his retirement home, his friend, Gladys and his daughter Margaret, try to help him remember all his past years.

Tobias:"Mum! Mum!Where is she?

The nurse and his family come to see and help Tobias. His 10 year-old grandson Toby comes too. He is the same age as Tobias thinks he is. So he wants to play with him. But Toby goes outside alone to play football.

This shows that Tobias has really no sense of his present state and thinks he can do anything. He wants to play tag and all the old people start running around. The nurse starts wondering why are they doing that and gets mad.

This story shows you that even when you are elderly, past and future memories can mix up easily and old people still feel young.

Our thoughts:

Robin: "I thought the story was very moving and touching the way that Tobias wants to be a child again and thinks he is. Iwish it had been longer.

Adrien: "I think the play gives a good point of view of the problems of Tobias. It must be more interesting when the play is acted. It would help us understand better the main idea of the play."

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