’The Song From The Sea’, by Mike Kenny: a review

Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Anita P
popularity : 2%

’The Song From The Sea’ by Mike Kenny.

Review written by Charlotte Steuwer and Anita Pedersen.

’The Song From The Sea’ is a short play for children written by Mike Kenny, an English playwright.

It is the story of a little boy called Josh , who hears a peculiar sound, like ’somebody singing.’ His mum, sister Elsie and his gran don’t hear a thing. He lives by the sea in a very noisy house. When his mum and sister have gone out ,his gran accompanies him to find out who it is ...






I’m trying to. Now shut up."

Josh’s mum and sister don’t believe or hear Josh. But his gran, even though she is a bit deaf, is always there for him.

This play is difficult to read but must be great on stage. Little children would definitely LOVE it. The repetitions are quite disturbing but we must remember that it is writen not to be read, but to be acted out. This play contains suspense, trust and disbelief.

We would love to see his play on stage. 9/10