’Electric Darkness’ by Mike Kenny : a review

jeudi 11 avril 2013
par  Laetitia D
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’Electric Darkness’ by Mike Kenny

By Laetitia & Inis

This play is about Marie, a young courageous girl, and her younger brother, François. Every night, before they sleep, their mother sings ’The Song of the Moon’, but that night, she doesn’t...Marie tells François stories, trying to frighten him.

"I’ll tell you about the Fair.

All children love the Fair.

The Fair goes from town to town.

It never stays in one place for long.

Just a few days, do you know why ?

Because in every place it goes, it steals a child..."

François is easily frightened and is terrified when Marie talks about the clowns at the fun fair and the way they eat children. She makes him believe that their mother is an ogress, ready to eat him. Is it really a story ? Or is it real...?

This play has a very slow start but once you start reading, you can’t stop. It’s probably different once played on stage. The way Marie is telling the stories and making her brother believe in her is fascinating and, at the same time, quite amusing. This story is about the fun fair and fraternity.

This play gives us an important message about believing someone or something, or not . Not all stories are true. 8.5/10