"A murder of Crows by Mike Kenny: review"

Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Erik H
popularity : 3%

"A Murder of Crows" by Mike Kenny

Reviewer: Erik H

The play takes place in a village. A long winter has arrived, everyone from the village is going away. The wife of an old man has died from the cold, leaving their two children behind. The old man marries another woman. She wants to get rid of the children because two children means two more mouths too feed. She takes them in the forest and leaves them behind with a piece of bread each .

The first time the parents try to desert the children put stones that reflect the moonlight, so they wait until the moon is up and follow the stones back home. The second time the children don’t have the stones so they use bread. Unfortunately it is eaten by the crows so they get lost. After days of walking they find an old woman in the middle of the forest stirring a pot.

"I am stirring a pot"

This play is an new version of a grim Grimm fairy tale, where innocent children meet evil people and are changed. I think that the message in this play is to never give up hope, no matter what desperate situation you are in. I think it would be better acted out than read.

My rating is (6/10). I strongly recommend this play for children.