"Stepping Stones", by Mike Kenny: a review

Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Martin DM
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"Stepping Stones"by Mike Kenny Reviewers:Martin and Jasmine (7/10 stars)

"Stepping Stones"is a play for young people , which was published in 1996. It talks about the life of a young girl,Cynth,who asks many questions about how the world is outside her life. She finally decides to go away and look for a fallen star that she thought she had seen fall .But her mum follows her secretly because she doesn’t want to let her go, like any mother. The story happens in a house then behind a mountain, on a beach .Will she ever come home?

Cynth :" HOT. HOT. HOT.HOT I’m here. Here I am. I’m here on my own I’m here on my own

There’s my house. Little Little Little. There it is. Far away"

This is a traveling story about family and relationship and is a very well written story with a lot of repetitions that gives an impression of poetry. In this play Mike Kenny used very simple English . To use the stepping stones and the fallen star as a symbol is a good idea because the star means that you can always aim for more and the stepping stones tells us that in life you need to have people or objects to help you.

An excellent play for young people and people with learning disabilities. It makes you understand a good deal of information about life outside the life you know.

Martin and Jasmine: Mrs DG’s class