’Boo’: a play by Mike Kenny

Friday 12 April 2013
by  Leila A
popularity : 2%

’Boo’ by Mike Kenny

Reviewer: Leila

This play, written by Mike Kenny, talks about a boy named Beau, but known as Boo by the other kids because they are being cruel with him. He lives alone in his house with his only brother, Benny, who is responsible for him. He isn’t allowed to go outside for his own security. We follow a boy and a girl who are terrified of Boo, as they spy Boo’s house from the park, just outside his house. One day, Boo decides to be fearless and go out the door, risking his life. Benny realizes he is gone, but is it too late to save him from the dangers of the street?

This play is about Boo being kept away from the world, hiding behind his door, making him envy the other children playing in the park. Mike Kenny has a way of repeating words in a poetic way to attract us in his world where fear is the main feeling:

"I’ve got a secret

I’m going to tell you.

Don’t tell anybody.

Because then it won’t be a secret.

Will it be a secret if I tell you?

I don’t know."

This story is about hiding away, cruelty and bullying. We don’t really know if Boo is actually dangerous, as the boy tells his sister.

My point of view: ’I admire Mike Kenny’s work and would love to see this play played on stage.’

In this play, the message is: ’Everyone is different but everyone deserves the same rights.’ A very moving story that deserves a splendid 9 out of 10.