’The Gardener’:A review

Friday 12 April 2013
by  Marine P
popularity : 2%

’The Gardener’ by: Mike Kenny

Reviewers: Soumia and Marine (7/10)

This play is about a little boy called Joe, and the relationship between him and his Uncle Harry. But Uncle Harry is forgetful and one of the things he remembers really well is gardening. He would like to share this passion with his grandson.

HARRY : ’I’m getting a bit

Erm... erm...

You know


You know

Can’t remember things

You can give me a hand.’

However, Joe doesn’t like his little sister ’Prune Face’ and it forces him to get closer to his Uncle Harry because his mum is too busy with the baby.

HARRY: ’New baby?


HARRY: What do they call her?

JOE : Fat fat prune face bum bum baby

HARRY: Really?’

Meanwhile, Uncle Harry grows a relationship with Joe at the same time they grow beans in his garden. A garden is where things grow, life is like seeds growing in a garden: the plant grows, then the next year the plant’s seeds fall and they grow again... Like when something passes from one generation to another.

Our opinion: ’This play is really good, in the beginning it is a bit difficult to understand, but in the end it is very interesting!’

A garden full of emotion and humour; a very good play to share with family and friends.