’Whose Shoes’: a review

Friday 12 April 2013
by  Isabel B
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A play review

’Whose Shoes’ by Mike Kenny

Reviewers: Alexandra and Isabel 7,5/10

This play is about a storyteller, Imelda Baglady, who never gets to finish her stories since she always falls asleep before the end. She owns quite special shoes which are too stubburn to move, so she always falls over. The phone rings. The person calling wants to hear a goodnight story. She tries to move but again Cinderella’s shoes won’t obey her:

IMELDA: "You want me to come and tell you a story?

Yes. At once.


Silly me.

I forgot.

I’ll just get some shoes on.

(She puts on the dancing shoes.)

Off we go.

(She falls over. Her shoes won’t move.)

(Falls again.)

(Looks at her shoes.)

They won’t move."

Now Imelda is late because she can’t go without shoes. But since her shoes are arguing and won’t let her go anywhere, she tells their story.

It is about a shoemaker’s daughter, who dances very well. She lives next to Cinderella’s palace. One night, while she is dancing, Cinderella admires her and offers her beautiful glass shoes to dance in. Eldamina, the shoemaker’s daughter, finds them so beautiful that every night, she dances in them, for her mother and father. When her father puts them on the window sill, the dancing shoes become lucky charms because they attract many villagers to buy shoes in his shop. When Eldamina’s little sister Madeline is born, Eldamina dances for her. Madeline wiggles her feet when her sister dances. Their mother thinks Madeline will also be a great dancer and suggests she could have Cinderella’s shoes too. But Eldamina disagrees. These shoes were given to her, not to Madeline. She has an idea: when all her family are asleep, she will go over to the lake and drop her shoes in its waters. That way, no one can wear them or dance in them: they will stay hers, and only hers! Late that night she gets up, goes to the lake, drops the shoes, and comes back to her room, without a noise. The next morning, all her family is looking for them. As winter days passes, the shoemaker’s luck turns, as fewer people are buying in his store. Eladamina feels bad. She thinks she has made the biggest mistake of her life. So, she decides to go back to the lake, now completely frozen, and to look for the pair of shoes... But will she find them ?... And, if she finds them, what will her parents say about what she has done ?...

A play about friendship and love, with an amusing, humorous atmosphere. Gives us a message that tells us to share. It is different once it is acted out than when it’s only read. A kids’ play, also appreciated by teenagers and adults...

Our point of view:At the beginning, we found the story a bit boring and hard to get into. However, as we read further, we found the plot quite funny (particularly Imelda’s conversations) and the playwright’s style interesting: Mike Kenny’s repetitions about the endless arguments of Imelda’s shoes pepper up the story!