’One Dark Night’: a review

Friday 12 April 2013
by  Elise C
popularity : 1%

’One Dark Night’ by Mike Kenny

Reviewers : George and Elise

Source : Mike Kenny’s play

This play is described by the playwright as "a play with shadows" The play is about a three-year-old child, could be a boy or a girl, who is intrigued by his shadow: he finds it strange, still doesn’t understand what it is . Most of the play takes place in the street, at the beginning of the school term, in September. His curiosity forces him to ask his mother more about his shadow. He needs more explanations about it, but she doesn’t know how to explain, so, the child asks ’Darren’: his mother’s friend. The shadow acts more or less like a mirror or a dog that follows him:

"Come on ! Come on !" says the child to his shadow.

Will the child finally accept to have a ’follower’, his shadow? Will he also understand what it really is ?

The atmosphere alternates from intriguing to happy.

The themes in this story are mainly: children - shadow- friendship-mystery which make the play interesting, especially for younger children.

George’s opinion: "It was a good idea but it was a bit long, I think it is better acted out than read"

Elise’s point of view: " Mike Kenny had a great idea but I think it is more for younger children."