Festive Fruit Filled Biscuits

Sunday 24 February 2013
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David’s Festive Fruit Filled Biscuits.

These traditional german christmas biscuits can be found in all shapes and sizes, containing all manner of fruit, and, as always, cinnamon, Germany’s favorite spice.

For this recipe you will require:

- 250g sugar beet syrup

- 200g sugar

- 50g butter

- 500g flour

- 10g cinnamon

- 15g aniseed

- 10g clove powder

- 1 pinch of spice

- 1 sachet of rising agent

- 3 tbs milk

- 50g diced grapefruit


Preheat your oven to 200°C

- First off, sieve all dry ingredients, such as flour, sugar cinnamon together, then stir for a while, until you are sure everything is mixed up properly.

- Next, melt the butter, and while doing so, mix the syrup and the milk together.

- Once the butter is melted, mix it into the milk and syrup, then pour in the dry ingredients.

- Now, crack the eggs in and pick out any bits of shell -these are very unpleasant to stumble upon while eating your festive cookies- and mix in.

- Last but not least, add in the grapefruit.

Put little tablespoon sized dollops of the cookie dough on the oven tray, and put them in to cook for twenty to thirty minutes.

Enjoy your festive biscuits