Completely Soft Chocolate Cake

Wednesday 20 February 2013
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This chocolate cake is so soft from the inside and has the perfect crunch on the outside. Just enjoy the moment you re eating it; feel the chocolate sponge melt in your mouth for seconds of joy. Ingredients : 120g chocolate 120g margarine 120g icing sugar 3 eggs 3 tbs of flour Method: 1.Melt the chocolate in a bowl over summering water 2.Mix melted chocolate with margarine. 3.Mix egg yolk with icing sugar. 4.Beat the egg whites until stiff and firm then add the flour. 5.Beat the chocolate with the egg whites and yolk. 6.Put everything in a tin and put it in the oven at 180°C degrees for about 25 minutes. 7.If you want add icing.

Recipe by Andreas written by Karim