The Funny Yummy Tiramisu

Wednesday 20 February 2013
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Hey !!! Before giving you the ingredients, the method but also my personal tips and personal ideas. I am going to introduce you to this wonderful recipe for a perfect tiramisu that has been given to me by a German friend called Clara Bruno. Now let’s go on :


3 eggs 70g sugar 250g mascarpone 1 pinch salt 1 bowl bitter coffee 24 lady’s fingers Cocoa powder


1. Separate the whites from the yolk of the eggs. Try not putting any egg shell in. 2. Whip the yolk with the sugar until the mixture becomes like a mousse. Normally it should become white. 3. Whip the eggs whites. 4. Slowly add the mascarpone. 5. Add the salt, the bitter coffee and the eggs together. This will give you a cream. 6. Dip the lady’s fingers in the coffee. 7. Put 12 lady’s fingers in the bottom of a tin. Add on top a layer of cream. Repeat that one time. 8. Leave in the fridge over night. 9. Sprinkle with cocoa powder. Serve fresh. Get eating with a cup of coffee or tea !!!!!