Wednesday 20 February 2013
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Hungry ? Don’tworry ! I have the perfect recipe for you, simple and marvellous ! What is a Linzertorte ? Good question ! A linzertorte is a German baked buttery tart made with sugar and spices, filled with jam or preserves. If you want your week-end to stay a memorable family cosy afternoon, then THIS is the right solution ! Try it, you’ll love it …ENJOY AND HAVE A WELL DESERVED REST !!

Ingredients you need to make the pastry
-  200g flour
-  200g sugar
-  1 egg
-  200g hazelnuts
-  50g of cocoa
-  a tspcinnamon
-  a tspcloves
-  jam (flavouryouwant the cake to be)

Ingredients you need for the inside of the cake

-  about 250g of marmalade or rasberry jam !


1- preheat the oven to 325°C 2- chop the cold butter and mix with the flour 3- put in a bowl the sugar, the spices and the eggyolk and mix. Then add the butter and the flour 4- place 2/3 of the pastry in a non-greased tin. 5- spread the pastry in the tin 6- cool the tin for an hour 7- take the remaining third of the pastry and roll it on a lightly floured surface. Place in the fridge for an hour. 8- spread the jam over the pastry strips 9- take the rest of the pastry and cut into small strips (you choose the size you want) 10- lie them on top of the jam and the pastry so it makes a nice presentation 11- press lightly the edges of the strips to the side of the tin 12- bake for one hour and a quarter on the bottomshelf of the oven 13- when the linzertorte is baked, leave to cool for 15minutes And there is your magnificent cake, take a big slice,you have deserved it!!